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Douglas Adams


Christopher Alexander

Elements of Style

Bill Buxton

On Being Human in a Digital Age (CHI 2008)
Designing in the Wild (IDSC 2008)

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Creativity, Fulfillment and Flow, TED 2004

Stephen Intille

Stephen Intille’s Concept Video Clip List

Heinz Dieter Jopp

Un-geordnete globale Strukturen

Alan Kay

FLEX - A Flexible Extendable Language, 1968
The Reactive Engine, 1969
A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages, 1972
Happy Hacker - Alto Playroom 1
Happy Hacker - Alto Playroom 2 - Smalltalk Examples
Happy Hacker remastered
Bach on Xerox Alto
Smalltalk-72 Animation Examples on Xerox Alto
Personal Computing, 1975
Still Waiting for the Revolution: A Conversation with Alan Kay, 2002

Kai Krause

Kai's Power Tips & Tricks for Adobe Photoshop

Hermann Maurer

Technical Dreams and Nightmares, 2005
Der grosse Bruder wird nun wirklich ernst: Google und mehr…, 2009

Ted Nelson

Dream MachinesHow to learn anythingMinifesto – Nelson’s Canon, A Bill of Information Rights
Xanalogical Structure, Needed Now More than Ever: Parallel Documents, Deep Links to Content, Deep Versioning and Deep Re-Use
Ted Nelson at ACM Hypertext 2001

Kristen Nygaard

"Those Were The Days"? or "Heroic Times Are Here Again"?, 1996

Ben Shneiderman

Codex - Memex - Genex, CHI 1998
Supporting the Process of Innovation – The Maryland Way, 1993

Ivan Sutherland

Research and Fun, 2005
Leadership, 2006
The Art of Engineering and the Engineering of Art, Hyperkult XX, 2011

Jef Raskin

A nearly one page summary of design rules, 2002

Joseph Weizenbaum

Social and political impact of the long term history of computing, MEDICHI 2007
MEDICHI photo set

Gerhard Wohland

Kulturbeobachtung – ein Element dynamikrobuster Höchstleistung



Apple Preisliste März 1985 / Transcription
Knowledge Navigator videos, 1987
Future Shock, concept video, 1988

Coding da Vinci Nord

Klang der Sterne: Sonifikation historisch astronomischer Photoplatten | Sound of the Universe
StabiHH: Architekturfotos aus Hamburg der 1920er Jahre
StabiHH: Historische Hamburg- und Elb-Karten 1588 – 1939 | Chronoscope
StabiHH :: Niederländische Kupferstiche um 1600


Designing the User Experience, poster, 2000

uxHH Radio

uxHH Radio Chronology, e.g. Dieter Rams, Ivan Sutherland, Piet Vroon, Wim Wenders

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