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Experience + Interaction Design

Matthias Müller-Prove /mprove/ is an independent interaction designer and human computer interactivist.

The articles, books and presentations are roughly clustered below. But you can also browse the space by time, by alphabet, or by numbers. Several collections and republished files supplement the information on this site.

Experience Design

User Experience does not need to be limited to digital products and services. UX Thinking can be applied to live events (conference experience), communities (social experience), exhibitions (scenography), cities (urban ux), and much more…

Interface Culture

Digital technology is becoming part of our human culture like reading and writing. As we are in the midst of the revolution, my aim is to understand, comment and drive the shift. Computer and information science is – more than ever – a social science. We develop systems for people. Therefore, we are resposible for the consequences on our culture. This is what it means to be a human computer interactivist.

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