HCI Vision Videos made in Hollywood

and other movie capitals

Metropolis, 1927, 1' 09" (snippet)

Gustav Fröhlich and Heinrich George having a video call.

Disclosure, 1994

Antitrust / (German title: Startup), 2000, 4' 05" (snippet)

The 6th Day, 2000

Minority Report, 2002, 3' 09" (snippet)

Minority Report – film homepage

LukeW: The Minority Report Interface

Daniel C. Robbins, Microsoft Research

Dale Herigstad, schematic – conceptual design of Minority Report

Katherine Jones

John Underkoffler, MIT Media Lab – science and technology advisor

John Underkoffler at TED 2010

ok/cancel: Minority Users

Avatar, 2010

Interview with Neil Huxley (Art Director, Avatar), Inventing Interactive, March 2010

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