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Douglas Adams


Christopher Alexander

Elements of Style

Bill Buxton

On Being Human in a Digital Age /CHI 2008
Designing in the Wild /IDSC 2008

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Creativity, Fulfillment and Flow, TED 2004

Cedric Ebener

Raum als Interface /mediale 2013

Stephen Intille

Stephen Intille’s Concept Video Clip List

Heinz Dieter Jopp

Un-geordnete globale Strukturen

Alan Kay

FLEX - A Flexible Extendable Language, 1968
The Reactive Engine, 1969
A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages, 1972
Happy Hacker - Alto Playroom 1
Happy Hacker - Alto Playroom 2 - Smalltalk Examples
Happy Hacker remastered
Bach on Xerox Alto
Smalltalk-72 Animation Examples on Xerox Alto
Personal Computing, 1975
Still Waiting for the Revolution: A Conversation with Alan Kay, 2002

Kai Krause

Kai's Power Tips & Tricks for Adobe Photoshop

Hermann Maurer

Technical Dreams and Nightmares, 2005
Der grosse Bruder wird nun wirklich ernst: Google und mehr…, 2009

Ted Nelson

Dream MachinesHow to learn anythingMinifesto – Nelson’s Canon, A Bill of Information Rights
Xanalogical Structure, Needed Now More than Ever: Parallel Documents, Deep Links to Content, Deep Versioning and Deep Re-Use
Ted Nelson at ACM Hypertext 2001

Kristen Nygaard

"Those Were The Days"? or "Heroic Times Are Here Again"?, 1996

Ben Shneiderman

Codex - Memex - Genex, CHI 1998
Supporting the Process of Innovation – The Maryland Way, 1993

Ivan Sutherland

Research and Fun, 2005
Leadership, 2006
The Art of Engineering and the Engineering of Art, Hyperkult XX, 2011

Jef Raskin

A nearly one page summary of design rules, 2002

Joseph Weizenbaum

Social and political impact of the long term history of computing, MEDICHI 2007
MEDICHI photo set

Stefan Woelwer

Interaktionsdesign ist… 2017

Gerhard Wohland

Kulturbeobachtung – ein Element dynamikrobuster Höchstleistung



Apple Preisliste März 1985 / Transcription
Knowledge Navigator videos, 1987
Future Shock, concept video, 1988

Coding da Vinci Nord

Klang der Sterne: Sonifikation historisch astronomischer Photoplatten | Sound of the Universe
Carl Dransfeld Architektur-Fotografie | StabiHH: Architekturfotos aus Hamburg der 1920er Jahre
StabiHH: Historische Hamburg- und Elb-Karten 1588 – 1939 | Chronoscope Hamburg
StabiHH :: Niederländische Kupferstiche um 1600

English High Court of Admiralty

Marine Lives Project
Hamburg residents from English High Court of Admiralty records in the 1650s


Designing the User Experience, poster, 2000

uxHH Radio

uxHH Radio Chronology, e.g. Dieter Rams, Ivan Sutherland, Piet Vroon, Wim Wenders

Vintage Photography Reloaded

John R. Johnson

Ballet Photography: Romeo og Julie 1974 - ’93, Rehearsal
En Skærsommernatsdrøm, 1980
’Über Ionesco’: Hamburger Impromptu/Die Stühle, 1988
Des Knaben Wunderhorn / Mahlers 5th Symphony, 1994

Carl Dransfeld

Dransfeld Reloaded – Architektur-Photographie Ende der 1920er in Hamburg

Hans Poelzig

Entwurf für ein Messehaus am Klosterwall in Hamburg1925

Georg Koppmann

Hamburg 1883 Reloaded – Grasbrook vor der Niederlegung für den Neubau der Speicherstadt

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