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Digital technology is becoming part of our human culture like reading and writing. As we are in the midst of the revolution, my aim is to understand, comment and drive the shift. Computer and information science is – more than ever – a social science. We develop systems for people. Therefore, we are responsible for the consequences on our culture. This is what it means to be a human computer interactivist.

Design for Good or Evil

Interface Culture /2018

Klang der Sterne
| Sound of the Universe /2016

Beyond HyperLocal /2015

AlgoRhythm is it! – Reflexionen in einer programmierten Welt

Gesellschaft und Informatik – Vom Verstand zum Algorithmus

CounterCulture & CoEvolution des Systems Mensch-Computer


We were standing on the shoulders of giants /2014

Joseph Weizenbaum: Social and political impact of the long term history of computing /2007

Hermann Maurer: Technological Dreams & Nightmares /2005

Raum Schiff Erde – congress for digital philosophy, interaction design, and net culture ::

The Medium is the Massage – Marshall McLuhan

Bill Buxton on Being Human in a Digital Age /2008

Vom Persönlichen Computer zum Sozialen Medium. Paradigmenwechsel der Mensch-Computer-Interaktion. Kapitel 5 aus Mensch-Computer-Interface. Zur Geschichte und Zukunft der Computerbedienung, transcript 2008

Social Informatics – Von Menschen, Maschinen und Medien /2009

Welt des Digitalen Wissens /2011

Modell und Anwendungsperspektive des Social Tagging, Waxmann 2008

Social Enterprise Tools. Beispiel Sun. /2009

My Virtual Identity /2010

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